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The Vegan Buckwheat Delivers You Its Recipes: Delicious, Vegan And Gluten-Free


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Authors : Nadine Primeau
Dimensions : 8½ x 11 (paperback)
Number of pages : 130
Publishing house : A Conscious World
ISBN : 978-2-924371-38-1

Word from the Editor for this vegan and gluten-free recipe book on buckwheat:

Some good reasons to get this book:

This recipe book is made with the most natural ingredients and whose interior design is reminiscent of the "vintage" style is IDEAL for:

  • People who suffer from gluten intolerance or who have chosen not to consume it anymore.
  • People who are vegetarians, vegans or who are in the process of becoming so.
  • People who want to cook naturally with basic ingredients that have not undergone any or almost no processing and are nut-free, soy-free, leguminous-free, dairy-free and egg-free.
  • Curious people who want to broaden their culinary knowledge to put buckwheat on the menu.
  • In short, this vegan recipe book is a must!


Whether to diversify your menu, to eat healthy or to treat yourself, discover the vegan buckwheat as never you have been presented in this book of more than 60 recipes where buckwheat is in the spotlight.
From starter to dessert, the author Nadine Primeau literally opens a new path by demystifying buckwheat and presenting it in an unexpected and unexplored way until now.

A true health ally that is known for its complete proteins, you will also find buckwheat transformed into vegetal cheeses, sauces, hamburger balls or stew, General Tao, and more recipes to benefit from the many virtues of buckwheat!

Long live the vegan buckwheat for the happiness of all!

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The Author – Nadine Primeau

We recommend that you visit the author's website and read his blog to learn more about her at :

Testimonials from readers

INCREDIBLE, GREAT, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL ... .. Thanks to this book I can eat enough. I've also found lots of amazing recipes while working buckwheat and it's so GOOD that my kids even though they do not know those recipes LOVE IT and WANT MORE and say "it's delicious, delicious, delicious. Thanks to your book that opened the door of the Horizon. Thank you very much Nadine Primeau,  Source: by Cleopitra

I bought the book "Vegan Buckwheat"and I can tell you that it is very well done and now I know what to do with buckwheat grain, Thank you for making this book. N.C.," source: Facebook page Le Sarrasin Végétalien

I bought this book and have already tried several recipes and they are all excellent. I had a lot of people around me try it and they all like it, congratulations! it is a book that I recommend. L. Néron Quebec, source: Facebook page

Hello Nadine, I would like to thank you for this wonderful book on buckwheat. I discovered thanks to your book an ingredient of a very great versatility and with nutritive properties out of the ordinary. I'm cooking now with buckwheat more and more; to say that I ate so much buckwheat pancakes when I was young that I would not have thought buckwheat could be the same. Thank you for introducing buckwheat to me in a new light. Louise, Quebec, SOURCE: Un Monde Conscient testimonial form

«You know, your books often save my life, I'm your number one fan! Your recipes are easy and above all they taste like the sky ! I look forward to ordering your latest book with the Jackfruit! Linda, Québec SOURCE : Facebook

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