About Us

A Conscious World is a non-profit organization whose mission is to share knowledge on the topic of Consciousness by publishing books that make a difference in the daily lives of people. The topics of Autism, Veganism and Spirituality are an important part of our editorial line.

With topics ranging from raising Consciousness, making the world a better place or bringing about renewal, our books share viewpoints that encourage reflection and sometimes challenge the way we live and think within society.

Among other things, the publishing house is actively involved in promoting veganism and promoting a new vision of autism and the unexplored potential that is an integral part of this condition.


A Conscious World is a green publisher which means our books are printed on demand when there is a sale or short run to avoid shelling out unsold books. The traditional book industry sends over 40% of books to shelling.

A Conscious World is a non-profit organization and your donations will help us cover our basic costs and help fund our various publishing activities (proofreading, editing, printing, translation, marketing and publishing events…) contributing to a conscious world.

Your donations are important so that we may continue to provide this content.