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Beyond the Limits of Autism: The Quest and the Revelations of a Mother


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Authors : Nadine Primeau
Dimensions : 5½ x 8½ (paperback)
Number of pages : 228
Publishing house : A Conscious World
ISBN : 978-2-924371-34-3

A word from the Publisher about this book on autism:

This book about autism, inspiring and passionate, is a must for everyone - adults, parents, caregivers and therapists - because it is indicative of AWARENESS to transform the condition of autism.



As you read this book, you will be transformed and your vision of autism will never be the same again. You will be transported in the adventures and surprising but real experiences of a mother, whose two children were diagnosed with autism. The author reveals to you nothing less than her Inner Quest which animated her from the beginning when she sought to understand autism, until today when she is able to explain it from a point of view that no one has yet passed on openly.

In this initiatory type narrative, you will discover Nadine Primeau's story, her quest, her search, her path of healing, her love for her children and her revelations. With this overwhelming testimony, sometimes dotted with everyday realities and mystical experiences, you will shed light on the limits of autism and discover that it is possible to overcome them.

This book on autism is a message of Hope to help all those who are affected by the condition of autism and the suffering of children.

The Author – Nadine Primeau

We recommend that you visit the author's website and read his blog to learn more about her at :

Reader Testimonial

I was touched and inspired by your book, your courage and your determination. I am struggling with an autistic child and reading your book has helped me understand the true cause of autism. You know what no specialist will say and what is not written in any book. This new understanding of autism has put a balm in my heart and allows me to see autism and my child now with a new look to help and love them. I recommend reading your book to everyone and I hope that all the specialists who misled me about autism can read this book to open their eyes.  A mother of an autistic child,  SOURCE : Un Monde Conscient testimonial form

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