Initiatic and Magic Tales: To Transform the Heart and Contact the Soul

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Author : Nadine Primeau
Dimensions : 5½ x 8½ (paperback)
Number of pages : 120
Publishing house : A Conscious World
ISBN : 978-2-924371-32-9

Word from the publisher of the book INITIATORY AND MAGICAL TALES

A book that stands out because

It gives the reader access to different parts of their heart that may be difficult to access without the help of these tales. It can be re-read several times and brings to each reading a new understanding or different teaching about love. It sows the Divine in the reader and makes them reflect on the meaning of life through the teachings presented there.



As you read this book, you will be transported to the heart of your Being and a new path will be traced in you to transform your heart and contact your soul.

These 7 initiatory and magical tales, transmitted by the author under the guidance of her soul, are of allegorical type and contain codes, teachings and energies that transmit the Consciousness of the heart. Written in a language that speaks directly to the soul, these stories, in addition to awakening and bringing out the treasures that reside in the heart, also act on an unconscious level to help the reader to transform themselves internally with the Consciousness and the language of the heart.

Whether you have the desire to heal your heart, to unite with your soul, to find your child's heart or to walk towards your destiny, you will trace a new path to your ideal simply by reading these stories!

Let the magic of these initiatory and magical tales lead you to the heart of yourselves in order to transform, make shine and emanate in your life what you have most beautiful in you, Love!

VIDEO: Initiatic and Magic Tales: To Transform the Heart and Contact the Soul

The Author – Nadine Primeau

We recommend that you visit the author's website and read his blog to learn more about her :

Reader Testimonial

Thank you with all my heart .... reading these tales I felt a path and a deep cleaning at the heart. The words speak directly to the soul in depth and bring healing to what needs to be transcended and cured. sublime. it continues to work well after. Thanks to the author and gratitude.anne-sophie, source :

Wow, these tales are really magical as the title suggests. I read a tale every night before going to bed, and there is an awareness and very positive changes in me. I do not really know how to explain it, but I feel that I change when I read the tales, I am more positive, I feel more confident, stronger and my life magically seems simplier and easier. Thank you Nadine for these tales, they are really magical and they can heal the heart and contact the soul, I certainly believe it because I have experienced it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS MAGICAL BOOK!S.P Quebec,  SOURCE : Un Monde Conscient testimonial form